It’s officially that time of year again at Weston’s wannaB inn Resort. Each year from May 1st through October, our friendly, shelled reptilian neighbors from the sea move their way up to the water from the ocean to build their nests and lay their eggs. That’s right, it’s Sea Turtle Season, and just because these sea turtles are meant to move a little slower, doesn’t mean they wouldn’t appreciate some patience and understanding from you during this incredibly important time for them. 

sea turtleSee Turtles!

It’s estimated that Florida will see over 50,000 sea turtles come to shore, so it’s a very exciting time to be staying at Weston’s wannaB inn! Since many of our accommodations overlook the Gulf of Mexico, you’ll have front row seats to one of the most miraculous natural occurrences Florida has to offer. 

What is Sea Turtle Season?

Sea Turtle Season marks the time a mother turtle makes her way onto shore to build a nest and lay her eggs. Upon doing so, she’ll leave the eggs and retreat back to the water. This means the baby turtles are left to find their way to the sea on their own once they hatch. This may seem harsh, but there are  some things thatyou can do to help the hatchlings find their way back to the ocean.

 sea turtles nest

What Can You do to help?

Once hatched, the sea turtles will instinctively head towards the brightest light they can see. At night, the sea is naturally much brighter than the beach, so the turtles head in that direction. To ensure the turtles don’t get confused and wander further up shore, we ask that you leave your blinds closed at night, and refrain from using flashlights or flash photography on the beach. It’s also important that the beach remain obstruction free. This means that chairs should be brought in at night, and even something as small as a sandcastle be taken down before you head in. This way the turtles have a clear path back to the ocean. It’s also important that if you come across a turtles nest, you absolutely do not disturb it. These nests are federally protected, and we sincerely hope that our guests will do what they can to protect them as well. This season is monumental for the continued well-being of the sea turtle population.

Enjoy Sea Turtle Season at Weston’s wannaB inn!

Despite nearly all species of sea turtle being classified as endangered, last year saw a record setting amount of hatchlings back to sea. In fact, some areas of Florida saw nearly twice the amount of nests as they had the year before. We encourage you to take part in one of the most important natural events that occurs right here, at Weston’s wannaB inn! For more information about what you can do to help, you can visit: The Coastal Wildlife Club

Sea Turtle Beach